July 24, 2020
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Data Recovery Software: Your All-In-One Package Recovery Software

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Today, data recovery software have permanently made a place for themselves in the computers of various people. And the reason is quite obvious that a lot of people frequently lost their data due to various different reasons. Data recovery software can help a person recover their important data, which they may have mistakenly deleted or may have lost due to a certain issue. Various different data recovery software are available in current times, with different features and advantages to assist people in their moment of crisis.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data recovery software is one of the leading recovery software among many owing to its reliable and simplified features. The software makes use of its effective features to bring forth results. The software also features a simplified, yet interactive interface that makes sure that all the necessary features are placed right in front of the user.

The software is able to recover all sorts of files including compressed, documents, music, video and email files. It can also recover files which have been lost to lost partitions, hard disk crash, system crash, OS crash, corrupted storage devices, virus attacks, formatted disk etc.

EaseUS Data recovery software also supports Mac data recovery, which is rarely seen in other recovery software. So, if you have a Mac laptop or iPod, the software will be able to help you and recover your files accordingly.

Search Procedure

The software is able to do this due to the data remnants, which are left behind in the hard disk even after the file has been deleted or lost. It searches for all these data remnants throughout the disk, and once after it finds them, the software begins to reconstruct the files.

Once you first launch the software, it first analyses all the storage devices that are connected. After that, it prompts the user to select a drive where the search has to be initiated. As soon as the user selects the drive, the search process starts. The search process begins with quick search mode, which is the first mode to start.

The quick scan mode is a fast mode, which quickly scans the drive for data remnants that were left behind by recently deleted files. It is a reliable mode, which focuses on saving the time of the user. Once the mode ends, the results are displayed on the screen and the second mode, which is deep search mode, is initiated.

The deep scan mode is a more advanced mode that searches for all data remnants which are left in the memory in the past. It also searches for inaccessible and hidden files among the many it searches for. Due to this, it takes a much larger amount of time than the quick scan mode.

Afterwards, the results are displayed and the user can select to recover it one-by-one or multiple at once. The user has multiple options to choose from at this screen, which includes preview option, filtering option, searching option, import/export etc. With all this, EaseUS is easily one of the most fully packages free data recovery software available today.

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