August 20, 2020
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How to Choose Right Fabric to Create Reusable Trade Show Bags

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Promoting your brand with custom reusable bags is a smart choice. Reusable brands remind your customers about your brand since they can be used repeatedly. They also help in introducing people to your brand while reducing plastic pollution.

These bags are environmentally friendly since they help us in avoiding the use of disposable plastic bags. If your trade show bag is made of sustainable or recycled materials, it is eco-friendly.

A major choice that when creating a reusable bag is how to select the right fabric. This article will help you choose the right fabric to create your own reusable fabric.

Choosing Right Material for The Job

Choosing the right fabric is easy if you know the function of your custom bag. You may need specific bag if you want to create a specialized bag. The style and look of the bag will also help you decide what kind of materials you should select.

For instance, sustainable fibres like jute, bamboo or cotton can give a natural appearance to your bag and can complement your brand if you promote using eco-friendly materials. To display a certain marketing message, you can use polypropylene fabrics that create a blank and smooth surface on your bag.

Custom Earth Promos is an eco-friendly marketing company that strives to make environment more sustainable and eco-friendlier. In addition to promotional reusable grocery bags, they have a variety of different products in their catalogue. They have a team of professional graphic designers who help you make your dream bag into reality as soon as possible.

  • Durability

If you want your bag to last many years, you should select materials that are durable. Consider using woven or nonwoven polypropylene to provide durability to your bag. Both these materials are very similar and can create long lasting trade show bags.

  • Eco-Friendly

To create a bag that is environment friendly, consider using materials that are good for planet. These bags should eliminate the use of single-use plastic nature due to their reusable nature and durable construction.

Natural fibers are biodegradable and sustainable to reduce any negative impact on environment. Recycled materials like woven or nonwoven polypropylene can help in putting the existing plastic to good use by recycling them when the time comes.

  • Purpose of Bag

Consider the style and design of your bag since some materials can perform some tasks better than the other. For instance, recycle plastic fabric is perfect to create cooler bags that keeps hot items warm or cold items chilled while cotton canvas or jute bags is perfect to create tote style bags.

  • Budget

Use your expertise to create a bag that functions the way customers expect it to. If price is one of the determining factors, you should switch to woven or nonwoven polypropylene since these fabrics are budget-friendly. Jute can be costlier than cotton but if you want durability then it’s the right material to do the job.


Take your time to consider the above-mentioned points to choose the right fabric for your bag.

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