October 21, 2020
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How to Profitably Sell Ringtones Online (and Collect Royalties)

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A ringtone on cell phones is a short audio file that is played to signal an incoming call. A modern ringtone might consist of a well-known musical tune with several bars. These ringtones are common because they make it easy to say whose phone is crying out for attention in a crowd with several cell phone sets. The explosion of mobile phones has given rise to a wide range of ringtones in recent years.

By selling them over the Internet to anyone who enjoys your unique musical mixes, messages, or sound combinations, you can also create ringtones and sell them.

Although you don’t have to be a musician to effectively sell ringtones, selling these items is a great way for independent or newbie artists to increase the visibility of their work, among other digital offerings. With each ringtone sold, when your customers receive calls, you can reach anyone within earshot.

Steps to Sell RIngtones

The ringtone distribution process is very simple and similar to the distribution of any other reference. Sell ringtones online can be a profitable prospect. However, there are a few things hopeful merchants need to know before beginning their new business. There are many steps to sell ring tones

  • Investigate the kinds of ringtones that other people want.
  • Download and install audio editing software.
  • Upload your personal music tunes and edit them in the software.
  • Download and install free voice recording software.
  • Create an account on a ringtone sales database.
  • Start a blog and offer relevant free information about ringtones.
  • Invite others to visit your blog and purchase your ringtones.

Many platforms around you can help you to distribute your ringtones MusicDigi is one of them. It helps you in many ways. MusicDigi is a tool used by musicians to position music in online shops & streaming services. It helps you upload music to iTunes, Spottily, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, and many more from Apple Music.

It makes the sale of ringtones to millions of smartphones around the world very convenient. By taking these rapid steps, begin making money from your tones.

  • Build a MusicDigi account and, within minutes, upload your audio file and cover art.
  • In as little as 24 hours, MusicDigi delivers your ringtones automatically to the iPhone iTunes store.
  • You’ll get charged every time your ringtone gets sold. They placed your money directly into your account at MusicDigi.

It is the best platform to grow according to your wish and reach a wide audience. There you get money satisfaction and enjoyment. To get sales or leads, this is a way of marketing your goods and music to a wider target audience. Use it to earn a consistent income online when you build a huge fan base.


As there is no such thing as an overnight success, the thing you need to remember is to be patient. With many social media such as Twitter, Facebook, you-tube, you can create a broad fan base that you can easily sell to once you gain their loyalty.

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