January 29, 2021
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Beginners’ Guide to Learn the Ins and Outs of CBD Vape Pens and Cartridges

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One of the easiest ways to take CBD is by vaping. Vaping CBD oil provides quick relief from chronic pain and helps with many more conditions including stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Vape pens with either pre-loaded or manually loaded CBD e-juice is used for vaping CBD.

If you are looking for great quality vape cbd, visit the website of JustCBD store. It takes just about 2 to 3 hours to charge it to full. Their vape pens are available in 3 flavors and 8 cool colors. Any 510-thread cartridge with 12 mm diameter or lesser would be compatible with their vape pen.

How vape pens work?

Though there are 4 main types of vape pens, they work the same way and vary only by the design and features. There is a heating chamber to hold CBD vape oil. After the chamber is heated, the oil vaporizes which can be inhaled using the mouthpiece. The parts of a vape pen include:

  • A battery to power the pen which is usually rechargeable
  • Charger (If the vape pen is rechargeable)
  • Heating chamber/atomizer
  • Mouthpiece connected to the chamber

Types of vape cartridges:

Cartridges are cylinder vape tanks that hold CBD oil. The CBD vape cartridge a person uses depends on an individual’s preferences. Some cartridges are designed exclusively for CBD vape oil. In case, a person fills it with wax or other normal CBD oil, the vape pen is likely to be damaged.

There are also more versatile options available if a person wants to use other types of CBD products in the vape pen. Users can choose between pre-filled cartridges or purchase disposable vape pens that have a prefixed cartridge in it. After the pen has run out of vape oil, it can be disposed.

It is possible for nicotine users to mix vaping CBD oil and club it with their nicotine e-liquid. The high quality pre-filled cartridges include organic hemp oil. Some manufacturers add additives like terepines to enhance the therapeutic effects.

Troubleshooting vape cartridge:

Is the vape cartridge acting up all of a sudden? If so, try these following fixes before proceeding to purchase a new cartridge. The common causes for facing issues with cartridges are:

Wrong placement of battery: If the battery isn’t placed properly, the device doesn’t function due to the absence of contact with the battery. You could have screwed the cartridge too tight causing the heating coil to be pushed in deeper. Remove the battery and fix it again.

Weather: High and low temperatures could impact the cartridge. Be mindful of where you store your cartridges and vape pen after use. Under low temperature, the oil tends to thicken which can be fixed by placing the cartridge in a plastic bag and warming it by placing it in a cup of warm water.

The cartridge is not ‘pulling’: Start by check the battery. Low battery could affect the pull. When using an adjustable battery, ensure it is set on the lowest volts.

Problems in the wire: Unscrew the heating chamber to gain access to the wire. Use a brush to gently clean the wire. You could dab it with isopropyl alcohol to remove excess oil or dust.

If you have decided on vaping CBD, ensure you buy a vape pen that is compatible with water and alcohol. Purchase from a reliable store for best results.


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