February 4, 2021
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Which Is Best – SEO Or PPC For Digital Marketing?

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Wondering which tool to use SEO or PPC for your digital marketing? The answer is a little complex because the decision will depend on your current objectives, situations, and market. When SEO is done properly organic search delivers good traffic and lead in comparison to paid search. However, new businesses can find it challenging to get started with SEO. Paid search can open the fast track doors to search marketing if done properly.

The major differences between SEO and PPC are –

  • PPC [pay-per-click] or paid ads appear on SERPs top section above the organic listing that gets swayed by SEO.
  • Organic traffic from SEO effort is free, while PPC comes with a cost per click.
  • Organic search has an evergreen presence and persists to rise in raking, whereas paid ads stop displaying the moment paying is stopped.

In several cases, combining both organic and paid search strategically can work the best. You can take help from SEO services in Aucklandif necessary. They can help you understand your target audience and how to attract them. Here are the pros and cons of SEOs organic traffic and PPCs paid traffic.

SEO for organic traffic improvement


  • Awareness and visibility on search engines for targeted keywords help you position before potential customers just like in advertising.
  • Information queries associated with your niche can positively offer banding benefits. Searchers associate brands with trust and thus lead to conversion.
  • Many users ignore ads and trust the organic results because your site’s appearance on the organic result is seen as credible. Visibility on SERP is a stamp of approval.
  • Driving traffic towards your website offers more opportunities to educate prospects on why they need to use your brand or services.
  • Organic search traffic is sort of free. Getting highly ranked takes time, effort, and money but there is no charge for every click.
  • Organic SEO traffic offers an enhanced ROI over the paid media and PPC.
  • SEO services are not cheap but more cost-effective for delivering relevant traffic and brand awareness.
  • Organic traffic will never cease the moment you don’t pay. Unlike PPC, organic traffic sustains even when no cash is spent.


  • Organic traffic building is a slow process and it can be months before you see the results.
  • SEO is a long-term approach, so can take lots of time and resources to get it correctly.
  • You need to develop interesting and informational content regularly to achieve and sustain strong visibility.

PPC for laser targeted visibility


  • Paid search lies on top of SERPs in front of the user’s eyes.
  • PPC ads include locations, contact, pricing, site links, and callouts.
  • Visual product ads can enhance click-through rates. It is unavailable in the organic search.
  • A PPC ad gives you the necessary brand visibility.
  • You can control your marketing budget with PPC.
  • The laser target approach allows you to gain visibility before the right customers. Ads get targeted using search keywords, weekday, time of day, geographic location, device, language, and demographics. Organic search is more chaotic.
  • PPC campaigns get created in days and enter the fast track within weeks.
  • Using PPC you can get speedy feedback about a new product to be launched.


  • PPC is pricey as cost adds up quickly.
  • Constant investment is necessary.
  • Your ad goes away along with lead generation as you stop paying.

Which is better – SEO or PPC? The solution will depend on your situation, goal, and market situation!


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