April 16, 2021
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Reasons to Use Desktop Imaging Software in An Organization

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Many businesses and firms use whatever OS comes pre-installed on the systems they purchase in place of using a standardized workstation image. They prefer installing a clean OS and configure every machine from scratch level for newly bought computer.

This mistake can have both dangerous and expensive consequences. Implementing a standard disk image can help make your computer environment safer and reduce the overall IT costs too.

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About Workstation Imaging

A workstation or computer imaging is the method to capture the state of the data and software data on a computer to copy it onto a different computer. This method is mostly used for the following reasons:

  • setting up a new machine,
  • restoring a machine to a previous clean state
  • rolling back the state of the machine to a state on which the system is extremely damaged

Benefits of A Standard Disk Image

Here are the important reasons why you would need to implement disk images early and frequently in the business.

Improved Security

Deploying laptops and workstations using an image can help enhance the security of an organization. It does it by safeguarding the computing environment to find the configurations of all the systems.

Performing clean installations of operating systems in new equipment every time helps to resolve the underlying security concerns with the least effort on your side. A workstation image makes the entire process a lot convenient and quick.

Reducing IT Costs

Another important benefit of installing a standard workstation image is to reduce the IT implementation cost in a company. The cost of making the workstation image and making quarterly) updates and reviews to it help in lowering the overall IT costs. This can prove to be a visible cost saving in cases of disaster recovery conditions.

This can be highly beneficial when you have a workstation that has got badly damaged, by either a virus or an ill-timed electricity cuts. If your business doesn’t have spare systems to use in their place then it could result in massive lost hours of productivity in the business.

Luckily, when you have a workstation image, you can get the system up and in running condition in no time. The disk image is the backup of all the vital data, OS configurational settings, and software system that can lead to a running and completely configured system in no time.

Easy Redeployment

Another important advantage of desktop imaging is that it can help store the image at a centralized location and deploy it from the server to each computer that needs specific software applications and configurations. This is beneficial specifically for businesses that have several licenses for particular software that needs to be installed on each computer.


As the requirements of the firm and the systems changes with passing time, it is important to review and update a workstation image regularly. Quarterly updates of the disk image reduce the number of configuration changes and additional system updates required to be made every time it gets applied, to consider changes since the creation of the original image.

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