May 3, 2021
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What Are The Security Related Concerns Regarding Data Warehouse On Cloud

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A scalable data warehouse is created with real-time data offers valuable insights with respect to new product development, enhancing customer loyalty, optimal pricing, and detecting frauds. By migrating data warehouses to the cloud, you can speed up as well as simplify the development of a data warehouse.

Let us look closely at the security concerns linked to the migration of data warehouses on the cloud.

About Governance

Data governance is a concern to any executive team, individual, or enterprise that has a vested interest in the standards, compliance, and processes. It is important to organizations that are related to data warehousing.

Data Management Education is a leading company that offers data governance education to data governance professionals. The course takes the learner through best practice implementation, which includes a comprehensive study of the fourteen initial artifacts as required by a data governance program.

Why Data Warehouse Migration To Cloud Involves Security Concerns?

A data warehouse has loads of organizational information that includes the financial information of employees, and customers. It can also include trade secrets related to an organization as well as their credit card details. Both these types of information are very sensitive.

When not stored safely, it can pose a cyberattack threat from malicious insiders and outsiders. Though cloud service providers could have security provisions, it isn’t fully safe. It is vital to have data governance along with security measures for the protection of sensitive data on the cloud.

Roles of Data Warehouse Governance Committee

A data governance committee is set up to perform the following responsibilities in an organization.

  • Manage the whole life cycle of data warehousing.
  • Determining the data retention policy.
  • Agree on the data that needs to be processed as well as made available to end-users.
  • Determine the lowest criteria for the data quality to be available to end-users
  • Determine the ways to compute as well as analyze criteria against the data quality.
  • Designing a data access policy that is dependent on data security rules as well as legal restrictions.
  • Designing a data backup strategy that perfectly aligns with the impact examination to the business unit.
  • Supervising and reporting on data activity, data usage, and alerts.

What Are The Types Of Attacks Linked To Cloud Data Warehouse?

A cloud data warehouse is vulnerable to mainly four kinds of attacks that are mentioned below:

  • DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service
  • Data breaches due to illegitimate access to the company’s records
  • Data loss due to malicious software, hacking, etc.
  • Visitors accessing your services via insecure points
  • Timely alerts in events of potential threats


Insecure data poses a data threat and can also tarnish the reputation, loss of trust, compromises the safety of employees and business, and drop in revenues. Data governance and data security are critical for the protection of data and ensuring its integrity, usability, and availability.

Regulatory compliance is needed for cloud data warehouses. It enables standardizing procedures, and processes, enhancing efficacy at a low cost and improving decision making and workflow quality in the business.

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