December 24, 2021
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What is the difference between indica vs sativa?

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Although much of the medical marijuana research is very promising, much of the information people believe they know about cannabis is based on what they have heard. Take, for instance the terms indica/sativa. How much do you actually know about what makes a particular strain of marijuana indica?

Some information is clear about the difference. The information on the other side is less clear. Here are the things you should know.

Indica: what is it?

As was mentioned previously, the distinction between an “indica” and a “sativa can only be made when discussing cannabis as a subspecies and which plant it is. Now think about the pot leaf. How does it look? If it’s narrower and shorter, you may be thinking of indica.

Indica plant

Indica plants are known for their shorter flowering times, which results in larger leaves and shorter statures. Because they flower in shorter periods, indica plants can be more popular than other varieties. They are also easier to grow cannabis in regions with less heat. It’s much more likely that you will have an in bloom cannabis indica as opposed to cannabis sativa, depending on the season.

Indica effects

Indica is known for its ability to sleep at night. Indica is marketed as having similar effects as a sleep aid, so it can be used for relaxation or to help you fall asleep. It is believed that indica has higher cbd concentrations and lower levels of THC. This effect can help relieve pain and anxiety. It’s also believed to stimulate appetite. Indica strains are more known to give users a body high, than a headache.

Sativa –

Sativa plants have a higher degree of indigenousity to warmer climates. In addition, they take longer to fully flower. The plant is much taller that an indica plant and the leaves are shorter than indica. Because of this height, it can be very difficult for sativas to be grown indoors.

Sativa effects

Indica is a sedative known to give you a body boost. Sativa, however, is more suitable for daytime use. These effects are more invigorating, making it conceivable to be more attentive and more strengthened to challenge any physical movement or creative endeavor.

These sativa symptoms are believed to relieve pain and anxiety as well as depression, anxiety, and attention problems. This is due to the presence of cannabinoids (such as cbd and THC) in “sativa” strains. Specifically, sativa plants are thought to contain higher levels THC. The terpenes is another. These effects may be possible due to the use of terpenes from cannabis, including limonene that has demonstrated anti-depressant potential and pinene that has anti-inflammatory properties.


Many popular strains include a mix of indica, sativa, and hybrids carts. While hybrids can possess a wide range of terpenes as well as effects, indica, sativa, and other terms are no longer used to describe strains. The hybrid term is used to describe how it is grown. How a hybrid grows, the yield it can produce, and how the plant looks will all depend on what plants you crossbreed.

Some hybrids have their names based on which strain is dominant, even though they may not be balanced. Indica dominant, also known as indica-dom, is a hybrid strain which tends to favor indica. Sativa dominant or sativadominant is of course the other situation.



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