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Our goal is to produce around 18 high-quality technological articles per week. We try to avoid publishing numerous pieces written by the same author within the same week. Be fair with us, as we have limited resources for the editing and publication, and only anticipate answers from us on business days. Because we get a large volume of applications, we are unable to provide comments.

Our insistence that your technical content be published on this site

  • The least amount of content that we will accept is 600 words, excluding the title and bio.
  • Your website will receive a maximum of two links from our directory. Check that the website you are providing a link to is of high quality and uses strong encryption.
  • You have the option of adding several links to other sites, such as Wikipedia, Forbes, and so on.
  • Because we have limited resources, it is difficult for us to follow up on or reply numerous times to the same email because we receive more than 500 emails each day. Every piece of material that we decide not to publish will be sent to our publishing partners. They will publish your work regardless of where it is. In this particular instance, however, newly inserted connections will not be erased.
  • If you provide us with content, we will assume that you have read and agreed to the conditions outlined above and that you are the only one doing so.

You Can Rely On Us To Write For You

Or, if you like, we may develop and upload articles that are specifically tailored to the requirements of your company model. We have seasoned professionals on our marketing team that do in-depth business analysis and devise a content strategy accordingly. If you’d like, you may provide us with some ideas for themes to write about or some keywords to use. There is no such thing as arbitrary labor. It is more cost-effective than hiring authors full-time to work in-house.

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